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Enjoy my visual stimulation...

A shot from Honda's manufacturer tent at the 2003 Daytona 200.

This is one of my friend's from, Fred mean Rich. He used to have a badass Stealth TT that he sold, and ended up with that Nissan Skyline in the background. Not too shabby for a "ricer", j/k. I'm sure it will end up being badder than his Stealth was, which is scary. As usual he is in "Pimp Mode", and I'm sure he had to fight the ladies off to take this picture. I think it's the car, but I'm sure he thinks otherwise.

Surf shot from a crappy day at Ponce Inlet.

Another shot from the same day.

That's what fire is meant for...meat.

This is what happens when the minifridge in your hotel room breaks down.