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This is where I will give some guidance and feedback on my latest installs.
Ok, so I don't have a digital camera which means I won't be taking pictures of these installs. However, if you really want some pics do a search on's Messageboard and you will find what you need.

Intake Manifold Gasket #2
Ok, so the first time I did this I didn't do the greatest job. I attribute this to the fact that I put the intake back on by myself. This time I was helped by my father, and it went a lot smoother. He had a more complete set of tools, and this made the job easier. We basically divided the engine in half, and I also got to the pieces/parts that were hard to reach. With his help this fix got done in about 8hrs or so, and hasn't leaked so far. I strongly suggest you do this job yourself because it isn't worth the + most mechanics want.
  BMR Subframe Connectors and STB/SS Springs and Bilsteins

I put these together because I did them around the same time. The SFC's made a big difference, and I highly recommend that any f-body owner should buy a set(BMR/SLP/etc).

The shocks/springs combo definitely made the ride stiffer, but it also made the car feel tighter and more responsive. I would recommend a spring/shock upgrade to f-body owners as well.

Yank 2800TT torque converter
Well I didn't do this install myself. I didn't have the tools or time to do it. However, I will say this mod was awesome. A definite must-do for any auto tranny car. I was very pleased with the Yank, and the guy I got to install it said it was a quality piece of equipment. I've heard good things about Yank as well as Vigilante. Guess it just comes down to price(I got mine in a GP), and personal preference.

Borla y-pipe + cutout
I had a shop in Key West install the y-pipe for me because I got a great deal on the labor. It definitely helped free up the exhaust system, and the car is noticeably louder with the combo of Borla y-pipe and cutout.